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Data and background information relevant to NCCP

This section of the NOP On-line project aims to provide an overview of important registries, research projects and grant projects related to Czech cancer research. Presentation of nationwide and local projects is welcome, including cancer drug registries or projects solved by individual Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs). Project investigators determine the scope and focus of the presentation. Our objective is to communicate the outcomes of cancer research and epidemiological research in the Czech Republic.

Cancer research projects can be divided into several subgroups (see also menu on the right side of this page):

Do you want to present your project?

Please use the address to send us a call for the presentation of your project. The projects to be presented can be entirely new (with a possible call for cooperation) as well as those in progress or recently finished. The application should involve the following items:

  • author / authors or the main coordinator of the project, possibly expert guarantors,
  • project title, possibly an abbreviated title or a presentation title
  • project objectives and a brief annotation,
  • where the project is being solved or will be solved (involved hospitals or institutions, a possible call for cooperation to other centres),
  • main monitored parameters,
  • project outputs (if available) or a link to a separate project presentation.