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Cancer care in the Czech Republic: a brief overview

The network of health care facilities providing cancer care in the Czech Republic fully corresponds with current European trends. This network consists not only of highly specialized comprehensive cancer centres, but also of district hospitals, health centres, specialized outpatient clinics and other health care facilities. This website provides a detailed description of all Czech health care facilities dealing with cancer patients.

Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCC)

Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCC) are health care facilities – or association of health care facilities – which fulfil the criteria of providing health care to cancer patients, as declared by the Czech Society for Oncology.

The Czech network of CCC was established already in 2006, two years before the European Parliament issued its resolution of 10 April 2008 (resolution on combating cancer in the enlarged European Union); this resolution called on the Member States, among others, to adopt nationwide measures in order for the multidisciplinary oncology teams to provide optimal individualised treatment to all patients.

The current list of CCCs is defined by the Gazette of the Czech Ministry of Health, volume 2015, issue 4, article 5, p. 26: „List of centres for highly specialised cancer care“ as on 20 March 2015.

Other health care facilities providing cancer care

Highly specialized CCCs only represent a fraction of health care facilities involved in the treatment of cancer patients. Cancer care is also provided by other hospitals and health centres, children's cancer centres, haemato-oncology centres, accredited centres for either breast cancer screening or bowel cancer screening, as well as by long-term care hospitals (LTCH) and hospices, which provide supportive and palliative therapy.

Interactive map of cancer care

An interactive map has been developed in order to provide a comprehensive overview of cancer care network; this map comprises all levels of cancer-related health care facilities over the whole territory of the Czech Republic.