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Comprehensive cancer care networks – Test driving the model in southern Czechia
17. 3. 2019 Cancerworld | More information...

What does an ideal cancer service look like and how can countries/regions make that transformation? A European collaborative project [1] spent two years trying to answer this question. The solution they came up with is now being piloted in the Czech Republic, as Sophie Fessl from Cancerworld reports [2].

Cancer screening programmes and their informational support: situation in the Czech Republic in 2014
18. 12. 2014 IBA MU | More information...

A special issue of Klinicka onkologie (the official journal of the Czech Society for Oncology), published in December 2014, is dedicated to the assessment of cancer prevention efforts and results in the Czech Republic. A team of authors not only described the current situation in cancer prevention programmes in the Czech Republic, but also pointed out weak spots in cancer prevention efforts.

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