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comprehensive cancer care How can I use the map of cancer care?

How can I use the map of cancer care?

Our interactive map provides an overview of all healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic that are involved in comprehensive cancer care. The map involves various types of cancer care providers:

  • constitutent parts of CCCs,
  • children’s cancer centres,
  • haemato-oncology centres
  • facilities cooperating with CCC,
  • accredited mammography screening centres,
  • accredited colonoscopy screening centres,
  • LTCHs and hospices.

This map is available on the NOP On-line portal homepage. The required information can be obtained with several mouse clicks, as indicated below.

Step 1: Selecting a region

Move the mouse cursor over the region of interest (on the map) or over its name (in the menu on the right). Click to confirm the selected region.

Step 2: Selecting the type of healthcare facility

Use the menu in the upper right corner of the page (see image on the right) to select the type of facility you are interested in (more than one type can be selected). You can see the locations of those facilities on the map, as represented by dots of the same colour.

Useful tips

  • You can also click on the button “Diagram of cancer care in the region” (see image on the right) to display an image in PNG format (suitable for download), which is virtually identical with the map of that region, and shows the location of all health facilities providing cancer care in that region.
  • Please note that some highly specialized types of cancer care facilities are not available in all regions (such as children's cancer centres or haemato-oncology centres). No dots will appear on the map in such cases.

Location of cancer care facilities of a specific type on the regional map

Step 3: Selecting a specific healthcare facility (of a given type) and displaying detailed information on it

On the map, move the mouse cursor over the healthcare facility of interest. Click to confirm the selected facility. A smaller window will appear, providing detailed information on this facility.

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